Complete solutions for structural steelwork

Complete solutions for structural steelwork

We offer complete solutions for steel structures from design to construction, in compliance with the EN1090 quality standard. With an efficient project management chain, we provide everything you need to make your idea into a reality.


Certificate of conformity of factory production control

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Steel constructions

We produce a variety of engineering and structural steel structures.

We have experience in both national and international markets. The first step in the production of steel structures is certainly a well thought-out and foresighted design. Our company also has skilled designers who will find the best solution for each project. Thanks to our technical expertise, we can meet the needs of every customer, offering a reasonable price-quality ratio.

PVC halls

The uses of PVC are almost limitless

PVC halls are the ideal solution for different types of applications. It can be used both as an uninsulated and insulated hall. Training halls, logistic centres, agricultural buildings – they can all be built with PVC. In addition, it is worth taking into account that PVC lets in daylight, so there is no need to switch on additional lighting during the day. The hall can be assembled quickly and each hall can have a different shape.

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Pro Keevitustööd - keevitamine, gaasilõikus, plasmalõikus, lehtmetalli lõikus, lihvimis- ja värvimistööd - teenusfoto

Additional services

Welding, gas cutting, plasma cutting, sheet metal cutting 3-25mm, grinding and painting works.

We also carry out welding work on various scales on off-site projects. We have all the necessary certifications and state-of-the-art equipment to work on a variety of ventures for both companies and individuals. We are ready to weld both indoors and outdoors, our years of experience give us the ability to work in any situation.

Our welders carry out gas cutting, grinding and painting work in addition to normal welding. We can come to your site ourselves or take the part that needs work to the factory. Any welding job can be completed quickly thanks to our skilled welders, who are familiar with different materials and welding techniques.


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Operational building design documentation for a steel frame of a 2,990 m² production building, together with production and installation.
Principal architectural building design documentation for a 4,300 m2 PVC hall. Design, production and installation of steel frames.
Architectural and structural design for the extension of a 3,400 m2 metalworking building. General construction contracting. Production and installation of steel frame.