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PVC halls are highly valued in many fields, providing a well-lighted solution for all size needs. It is possible to create buildings in both classical and special shapes. PVC structures have a lifespan of 50 years and a PVC covers last for at least 30 years while requiring minimal maintenance.

PVC hall is an ideal solution for different types of applications. It can be used both uninsulated and insulated. Training halls, logistics centers, farm buildings – all of them can be built with PVC. In addition, it is worth noting that PVC lets in daylight, which means that it is not necessary to turn on additional light during the day. Hall assembly is quick and each hall can have a different shape.

When designing the halls, the Estonian climate is taken into account, due to which snow and wind loads must be taken into account. Since the possibilities of using PVC are almost unlimited, you can create a hall according to your exact wishes.